Dwelling methods to look greater by Woodcraft International

Spacious homes can accommodate ‘larger than life’ designs and provide a great sense of comfort. On the flipside, smaller spaces give a huge scope for creativity and innovation to bring the place to life. In fact, it takes more to design a relatively smaller place and provide it a sense of beauty and comfort as that of a home.


Some of the most creative minds at Woodcraft International, India’s leading architecture company, accept this challenge. They constantly thrive upon developing innovative ideas to design different sizes of spaces. Let’s take a deeper dive into some fascinating methods of dwelling.


Color Palette

Wall color is an important aspect of visual manipulation and can help to increase the visual appearance of your space. It gives an illusion of more space and helps to make better use of the space available. A leading interior designing company in India, Woodcraft International suggests if you have a small space, using light colors helps in making the room feel bigger and brighter as the surfaces reflect more light. White pastels are a very popular choice here.

Woodcraft International is a leading interior design and architecture company in India. Figure 1: roomdsign.com


Whites, light grays, light blues, greens, pink are the obvious choices but not the only options.

If you want to go with darker tones, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you should avoid using high contrasting colors as your eyes stop at the line where it changes, and this will create boundaries that might affect the size of the room.


The next point to keep in my mind is using tints and shades from one color family as it helps to make the spaces feel more elegant and spacious. It also helps to avoid the boundaries as the space seems to continue. Lastly, furniture matching with the wall color blends with the space and is less striking which gives the illusion of a bigger room.



Selecting furniture for small places can get tricky at times. Simple and light objects should be the first preference for small spaces to avoid crowding. Here are some tips to keep in mind when we select furniture for small spaces.


Keeping the colors and patterns simple can give a lighter feel. A leading architecture company in India, Woodcraft International, suggests using large, simple pieces of furniture instead of several smaller pieces which might look cluttered. The next thing to keep in mind is maintaining the proportions between your sofa and space. Here the proportion and scale of furniture matter.


Another great idea is selecting the furniture that you can see through. Glass tables and shelves, bookcases without sides can feel as if they utilize less space. Leggy furniture doesn’t obscure the views of the floor and feels less heavy in a small space which is better than furniture that sits directly on the floor.

The woodcraft International is the leading interior and Architecture company in India, woodcraft is a sign of excellence for past 30 years and this image specifies the proper use of furniture for a room to look greatFigure 2: buzzfeed


Floating furniture is another great way to keep the atmosphere light and airy as it doesn’t weigh down the space. Lastly, A great tip for a small home is to choose a piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes. There are a lot of varieties in coffee tables or an ottoman with hidden storage.


Trick Your Mind

Visual Manipulation plays a big role in shaping the aesthetics of any interior. The following are a few ways to do that:

In a small space, tall windows and proportionate to that, long curtains play an important role in making the room look spacious. Curtains matching the color tone of the room will also blend with the room well making it look less closed. This is a trick widely used by restaurants to make the ambiance seem bigger and well-spaced out. In our homes, placing a mirror close to a terrace or a window will make the perception of the room seem grander.


Transparent or translucent teapots, dining tables, and minibars are a few of the many objects which can be used to make the place look bigger. Well-organized and tidy rooms are the secret to maintaining a sense of spaciousness. Hidden storage spaces are a good way to do the same. A leading architecture company in India suggests spacing out the furniture gives a more open space in the room. One large painting is always better and less congested than multiple art displays.


By now, you would’ve had a fair understanding of some of the most innovative ideas to design spaces of relatively smaller size. It’s never about the size of the space, but the interior that brings comfort and instills life into it. Creativity knows no boundaries. So if you own a small space, now is your time to bring in the right elements and put in place the final piece in your puzzle!