Green/Sustainable Interior Techniques by Walnut Studio

Incorporating sustainable interior design is ensuring a step towards going green. It has a huge impact in contributing to the various environmental aspects such as reduced consumption of non-renewable resources, minimizing waste, better long-lasting designs, etc.

The Walnut Studio has a few techniques to suggest to go green which could benefit many. Here’s a list of some ideas.


1. Go Simple, Go Natural

Office Space with Natural light in abundance, designed by the Walnut Studio
Figure 1 Office space with natural light in abundance.


Start with the simplest and the most cost-effective technique. With large windows and sheer cotton light weight curtains, let the sunlight in by saving electricity and get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Reduce energy consumption by switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. These bulbs use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than the regular incandescent bulbs. Keep the antique touch by saving on to old side table lantern or an elegant chandelier which also adds up to the neoclassical design.

To reduce the carbon footprint, minimalist interiors are the best. Applied to all kinds of interior designs, these help in organizing, simplifying and contributing to the eco-friendly space. Lesser manufactured products, greater is the impact towards a sustainable environment.


2. Use light colors

TV Lounge designed by The Walnut Studio: best furniture company in DelhiFigure 2 TV Lounge with plain white walls and flooring


A very effective sustainable interior design technique would be choosing the right color theme. Choosing lighter colors helps incorporate surfaces to reflect increasing the amount of light in each room without using too much of artificial lights. This saves money and energy spent on artificial lighting helping you to opt for less abrasive options better for the environment.

Moreover, neutral colors are one of the most in-demand schemes in the past few years. This is because they provide a sense of comfort and freedom to one’s mind and bring about a natural freshness to the space.


3. Rustic Designs

Indoor Fountain Space by The Walnut Studio: best Furniture store in DelhiFigure 3 Indoor Fountain Space - Marble Seating with Grass and creepers around.

Reclaimed wood, a great example, would be a perfect flooring that reduces the landfill waste as well as the environmental hazards caused during the manufacturing of new products.

Rustic items with rich history are typically available in flea markets giving your space. A Rustic Design gives a modern and elegant look to spaces with an eco-friendly contribution.

These designs are primarily based on natural materials such as stone and clay. They are a perfect mixture of old-school and modern style decors, complimented by no-fuss furniture and the concept of natural imperfection.


4. Bamboo Designs

Bamboo Interior Design by The Walnut Studio: the best furniture store in DelhiFigure 4 Bamboo made wooden flooring


The best sustainable alternative for wood is bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants with very little pesticides or fertilizers, allowing it to be used within four years of its planting. This look is appealing more than any hard woods and contributes significantly to the ecology.

Small touches of bamboo for the desk chair, kitchen floor mats and a wonderful bamboo coffee table are some cost-effective options to decorate your house. Bamboo flooring is considered as a big positive in green interiors because it remains unaffected by any environmental conditions. Moreover, bamboo produces more percentage of oxygen than any other hardwood, which makes it one of the best elements to use in sustainable designs.

In addition, designs including indoor garden spaces can also utilize bamboo as the main element. This is because it requires very little maintenance as compared to other plants and its different shades of green mixed with a tinge of yellow blend very well with any décor.


5. Jute Fibers

Jute Rug design by the Walnut Studio: best furniture company in DelhiFigure 5 Jute Rug giving a chic and rustic touch to the entire space. Source: Pinterest


To give a modern look to your house or your personal space, jute interior is making its way through center table, lamp shades, sofas and many other elements. Most curtains, wall decors, bean bags and even cushions nowadays are made from specific quality of jute fibers.


The primary reason behind this is that jute fibers add an earthy tone that make the space more welcoming and comfortable. The strong coarse material is affordable and renewable – derived from the jute plant. Jute is also said to be a good heat insulator which makes the rugs eco-friendly, durable and economical.

By way of some of such techniques, The Walnut Studio aims to be efficient in helping reduce chemical waste and yet be very affordable in all types of interior design. It is necessary to take a step towards making the environment better and greener. With these sustainable interior design techniques, The Walnut Studio is doing its bit to the environment.



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