Impact of Pandemic on Interior Design

The pandemic has led to various changes that were least expected by anyone. From businesses to individuals, it has affected everyone in one way or the other. That said, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for change in interior design. The working environment has changed from offices to your own personal space, which needs plenty of adjustments to suit you. Here’s Walnut Studio’s take on how the pandemic has influenced the spaces that we live or work in.


1. Home Offices

Interior Designs of Home Offices are affected due to Pandemic as said by Walnut StudioSource: Pinterest (Office Snapshots) 

Well, there’s been a huge debate on whether it’s convenient or not. Believe it or not, offices are designed to cater the basic ergonomics. We, at The Walnut Studio, have received complaints from our clients regarding homes not having ergonomic facilitation for a working environment, like a desk. This is where we step in, to supplement you with suitable working spaces at your own home.

Home office designs are generally based on the idea of flexibility and functionality. Clients prefer decluttered work spaces which helps one’s thinking process and in turn, productivity. Therefore, minimalist themes and neutral color schemes with a touch of nature are ideal elements for home office designs.


2. Study and Playroom for Kids

Study and Play Room for Kids Interior Design
Source : Mindfully Gray

Online education has been on the rise ever since the pandemic broke out and it has become the ‘new normal’ for students. Moreover, restrictions on playgrounds and other recreational activities have compelled minors to stay at homes for prolonged periods. At such a time, it is necessary to have a suitable environment to study as well as play indoors. Interior designs that provide comfort and a bit of freedom inside one’s own house are well-suited for school-going children.

Dynamic designs which facilitate the needs of students and can be utilized as both a study room as well as a playing room, are ideal. From proper ventilation to right color schemes, everything plays a role in affecting one’s ability to grasp knowledge. Now, a minimalist design and neutral color theme wouldn’t seem appropriate for students’ rooms.

You might want to consider adding utility elements here as comfort matters a lot. Moreover, those color schemes should be preferred which lighten up one’s mood and help focus on what’s at hand.


3. Organic Farming Spaces

Organic Farming Design by Walnut Studio
Source: Pinterest-D for Design

Due to restrictions on commuting, most of us have stayed at home for prolonged periods. However, it turned to be fruitful for many as they picked up different hobbies. One of the most common hobbies people picked up was gardening. Now gardening isn’t necessarily meant for huge spaces. In fact, earthy interior designs in small spaces for organic farming or gardening give a sense of natural freshness.

4. Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchen Upgrade Design by Walnut Studio
Source: An Earthy Toned Kitchen

One thing goes without saying – people have had a lot of free time during the lockdown. Many of us learned things that provided a sense of comfort. And, what comforts better than a good meal? One of the many hobbies discovered during this time was learning to make new recipes online. In fact, many individuals even started their own cooking tutorials.

But, in order to cook exotic or continental dishes, you need to make optimal use of the kitchen. After all, not everyone is blessed with kitchens that Nigella Lawson – the celebrity food writer, has in her cooking show. There has been a rise in demand for customizable designs ranging from Peninsula Kitchens to Island Kitchens with spaces for ovens, blenders, refrigerators, OTGs, grinders etc. Staying at home, people have had the realization to redo their kitchen spaces to create a better cooking experience.


5. Workout Spaces

Workout Space design by The Walnut Studio
Source: Pinterest -Casa De Valentina

Speaking of Bon Appétit, it surely makes us conscious about those extra calories, doesn’t it? With social distancing in place, people have opted for home workouts and plenty have come to prefer it. According to Washington Post, there has been a rise in sale of gym equipment.

Setting up a small gym at home might just be the need of the hour. All one needs is a small space that can accommodate the equipment and a rubber-tiled floor which would make it an ideal space for workouts of all intensities.


6. Sound Proofing

Sound Proofing Design by The Walnut Studio
Source: Domino Magazine Cork wall used to build the acoustics of the space

It does sound a little hi-tech, but it’s just the right design and use of suitable materials. With online meetings and video conferences, this is one thing people have found a need for. It is definitely helpful for YouTube and other social media influencers, online journalists and other artists who rose to fame during the pandemic.

Designs for home working spaces differ for such professionals. A pleasant background for recorded videos is preferable. In such cases, aesthetic elements come into the picture which give a new dimension to the work that is being done.

It is the need of the hour to focus more on the ‘New Normal’ and at The Walnut Studio, we constantly aim to cater to our clients’ needs. To make you more comfortable around your own spaces, we are here with you by your side, working on it everyday!