Office Trends 2021: Review by Woodcraft International

Offices can never go out of trend. Here’s why!

An office gives you the opportunity to create and build a work culture through which you can grow your business and Woodcraft International is supporting corporates and individuals for past 30 years to design their dream office space.

Office space is a place that leads to collaboration, work efficiency, and employee development.

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Today, with this global pandemic, work from home has become the new trend. The employees have adjusted themselves to work as efficiently as possible from home. New office spaces have been created within the home space. But will this work-from-home trend overpower the actual essence of working from the office? Well, no offices can never go out of trend.

Employees and workers come together in an office to share their strengths and improve their weaknesses with the help of each other.

Brainstorming, quality time with colleagues, meetings with collaborators, and decision-making in conference rooms have always been and will always remain important and will never loose their value.

With time, the office culture has changed tremendously, and people have started giving importance to work-life balance. This has led to employee development activities such as fitness spaces, chill-out spaces, and open spaces where people can sit under one roof yet in their own space. Giving independence yet being dependable on each other under important aspects leads to organized, effective, and profitable solutions drawn by the workers for themselves as well as for the company.


Collaborative Workspaces

Modern office designs are highly influenced by the idea of enhancing employee interaction and bonding. Here’s where the concept of collaborative workspaces pitches in. Collaborative workspaces accommodate employees from multiple private offices who share common areas and have a sense of flexibility on their workdays.

Apart from common areas like terraces and conference rooms, these spaces also have common logistical equipment. For instance, different companies share the same Wi-Fi, electrical instruments, and other gadgets and systems. This plays a major role in the companies’ cost-effective techniques, especially for growing startups.


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Thus, collaborative workspaces are multi-functional in the sense that they provide all the basic needs of corporate offices and create a comfortable working experience for the employees. However, to create the best working experience, these workspaces require suitable furnishing and interior decorum. The Walnut Studio has the best-in-class ideas for workspace décor with several large-scale organizations preferring their style.

Interestingly, collaborative workspaces also encourage employees to carry their own artwork or other eye-catching elements like lamps and flower vases. Ultimately, the primary concern behind such workspaces is to establish a unique and favorable working environment for employees and in turn, enhance their productivity.


Ergonomically Feasible Workplaces

Workplace ergonomics is a process of designing the workplace keeping in mind the potential and the constraints of the employees and helps in removing the risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries. It also allows for improved human performance and productivity using the workplace environment. Modern workplaces have incorporated diverse work settings leaving behind the linear collaboration of assembly lines. They are designed by keeping in mind how teams collaborate in different settings and bringing in innovations to improve performance.

Movable, Modular Furniture is flexible, cost-efficient, accommodating, and durable which suits modern businesses and goes with the evolving direction of workplaces. This moveable office furniture helps to completely change the layout of your office in minutes and doesn’t need a professional team to install or reconfigure your office. It also grows or shrinks with the changing company dynamics and the office can change into both private workstations to have personal space and open space areas for increased innovation with positive collaboration. Technology is another factor that has helped in increasing flexibility. People collaborating using digital mediums has saved a lot of time and effort. It has also proven to be very effective to increase efficiency in the workspace.


HR Well-being

It is almost mandatory to have a decent working environment to motivate the business’ employees. Studies have shown that workforce productivity increases when employees work in a comfortable environment due to suitable ergonomics. This is where personalized offices come in. For instance, top-tier managers' offices happen to be equipped with luxury furniture especially in the rooms where their meetings take place. Personalized furniture gives scope for a variety of segments in furniture and décor like the ones offered by Walnut Studios.


Relaxation Area

A lot of offices, like that of Google, are known to have one of the most well-equipped offices. For a company as big as Google, it shouldn’t be a problem, one might say, but the other way to look at it is – a corporation as big as Google regards employee needs in the offices very highly. Not every business house needs to make extremely big investments in recreational areas in offices. It is possible to make sustainable and affordable relaxation areas in offices. Facilities would enable employees to meditate, read, take a power nap or even just have some time for themselves. Relaxation areas would mean more open spaces and must be equipped with furniture accordingly.


Photography: Mark Mahaney via KontorFigure 3: Photography: Mark Mahaney via Kontor


Fitness Floor

A gym or a yoga center exclusively used by your employees? It creates a perfect win-win situation, making it feasible for the employees to manage time and in turn, the employer is benefited from food employee-employer relationship, loyalty, and higher productivity as well.


Designing is a fine balance between art and economics. It is a powerful tool that is used to create not only inspiring spaces but also an environment that plays a pivotal role in the advancement of an organization's ideals.

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