The "must haves" for your living room by The Walnut Studio

Check out this post by The Walnut Studio on top 10 elements you “must have” in your living room!

Do you ever wander in a lifestyle store and get excited for those 'must haves' you wish to see in your living room? 

Well, The Walnut Studio , one of the leading luxury furniture manufacturers in India is here to offer you your top 10 necessities in your living room. 

Living room is an important part of your house, a space where you invite over your friends and family. Living room is your comfort area where you can be in solitude or enjoy life with your loved ones. 

Furthermore, there are a few necessities other than the perfect color palette, suited furniture, green plants and luminous window openings that you must consider to turn your living room into a perfect comfort space.


1. Coffee Table

Coffee Table a perfect addition for your home by The Walnut Studio, leading manufacturer of luxury furniture in Delhi

What's a house without a coffee table? The Walnut Studio has a wide rich variety of coffee tables which will make you take time off your busy schedule and have your peaceful morning coffee right where you are supposed to enjoy it. 

Coffee table adds up a balance in your living room by connecting the furniture together and also complements the composition of your space. 

2. A Rug/Carpet

To add a rich luxury look to your living room, a rug can make wonders. A soft textured rug to fit in your interior designed space with the perfect color and pattern that goes along your theme is luxury. Make sure your rug is soft and of the most comforting material which will make you go back to your living room at the end of a tiring day just to relax.


3. Natural Elements

Add the living elements in your living room. Add the greens necessary to lighten up your day. Plants are a super mood changer and are considered to be equal to a work of art. With a perfectly chosen vase, you can complete your home decor. These natural elements add life and colors to your personal space. 


4. Bold Vases

This may sound crazy, but you can make your plants seem fancier with designer vases or huge vases. This occupies a whole new corner in your room giving it the plant a vibrant touch of modern décor. Vases themselves are a part of the accessories which work very well when it comes to interior designing. Complementing nature, they also add a minimalist yet a contemporary look to your living room.


5. Curtains

Adding contrast yet subtle colored, well patterned curtains to your living room can give your space a fresh look and a completely different character. Curtains can be very eye catching and can change the whole look of your room. Make sure you select your curtains that match your interior design style and theme. Go for colors from the same shade palette.


6. Something Yours:

Adding a personal touch to your living room is very important. To make it feel like home- like you, it is important to have a personal something in your living. It can be anything. Stacked up books, photo frames of your loved ones, pieces of art which means a lot to you, souvenirs or any other accessory which says that it belongs to you. It is a part of yourself yet an important part of home decor.


7. Mirrors:

Not everyone prefers to have mirrors in their living room yet they stand to be an important part of the accessories your living room needs to have. It adds style and elegance and when placed strategically, a mirror makes your living space look larger and more refreshing. Standing mirrors against the walls has been trendy in today's interior design style. Mirrors not only add up to be a surprising elementary and in your living room but also help break the rigidity of the room with their placements.


8. Cushions

Well, to have a perfectly fitted and comfy couch in a living room is a necessity but also a basic need when it comes to designing the living room. What you must have along with your 'go to' couch are the cushions. Cushions bring comfort to your living space adding warmth and style in different colors and shapes. Cushions with vibrant colors complementing a simplistic colored couch brings a refreshing appearance to your room. Not just this, pillows are something that you can change with time and change the whole look of your living room giving it a new dash every now and then.


9. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets and cushions go hand in hand. These couch throw blankets are just an additional touch of element you must have in your living room to make it even more comfortable with a touch of luxury look. To add another layer of texture, style and color, throw blankets are the best. They add comfort to the occasions for example while watching a movie, having hot chocolate on a cold night, seeking into the cozy blanket at the end of the day. 


10. Candles

Again to add up to the luxury appearance of your living space, candles are the most affordable yet classy elements which give a refreshing sense. How we perceive comfort through our senses also tells us how important it is to add a quality life element in our living room. Scented candles make us feel relaxed and calm physically as well as mentally. Bringing in your favorite scent would make your home pleasant and relaxing. 


The Walnut Studio thrives to provide you with these must haves as a necessity as well as a luxury to add to your living room. It is important to make yourself at home and build a space which is just not home to you but also makes you go to that space once everyday to be yourself and to be in your own comfort zone. 

These few elements mentioned above, if combined and mixed as per individual's taste and likings can create just the perfect living room you always wished for.