Top 5 Interior Trends in 2021 by Walnut Studio

The turn of the decade was marred by COVID-19 and it had a drastic impact on the architecture industry among a lot of others. With people forced to stay indoors, architects have been adapting to the conditions.

The focus has shifted to interior design now and there is a huge competition in a relatively smaller market. Architecture design company Woodcraft International and Walnut Studio are, therefore, keeping up with the latest trends to establish their unique selling proposition.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the popular trends in interior design in 2021 so far:

  • Minimalism

    Minimalism Design by Walnut StudioA minimalist kitchen with black accents designed for a residence in Gurugram

    The concept of minimalist design is based on the modern mindset to have spacious apartments. These designs include only the bare essentials. Practical furniture and accessories, monochromatic color schemes and comfortable textiles are the defining elements of the minimalist architecture and interior design.

    Warm and welcoming colors, functional furniture and an open floor layout bring essence to such designs. Finally, to add a finishing touch, a single piece of artwork adorns the space blooming with a sense of freedom and simplicity. Staying at home for prolonged hours, the minimalist designs help in de-cluttering of the mind and provide a notion of calmness.

    • Neutral colors

    Neutral colors design by Walnut Studio The office’s material palette is a strategic interplay of colors: Warm neutrals and pops of colors are introduced through art work.

    Interior designs with gaudy and bold colors have taken a back step making way for neutral colors. Similar to minimalist designs, neutral colors bring a sense of simplicity in a given space.

    There might be arguments suggesting neutral colors are boring or feeling less. But experts at Woodcraft International can assure you the beauty of a neutral color scheme. Years in the business, the Delhi-based company has redefined interior design in several top-notch corporate brands in the country.

    Besides, the whole concept of having a neutral backdrop is to enable one to add the desired elements that otherwise go unnoticed. In modern interiors, these hues enable your articulate furniture and textiles to come alive.

    •  Home offices

    Home Offices Design by Walnut StudioOne of the  most essential spaces of 2021. An earthy toned home office

    Work-from-home system has allowed interior designers to think out of the box to create a unique working experience for professionals. Home offices are as classic as they can get. Bookshelves, lounge chairs, teakwood desks and pendant lamps together make for a holistic working experience. Add to that a beautiful flower vase for a touch of playfulness in the room.

    The experience created by Woodcraft International with their office interiors in India is second to none. The Reno Home – one of their recent home office creations is a fantastic example of these designs. The earthy tone they have opted for in this particular design creates an illusion of a larger space.

    As more and more private organizations are adopting the work-from-home model in 2021, it becomes essential to have a home office established to boost your productivity.

    •  Sustainable material elements

    Sustainable Material Elements design by Walnut Studio
    Retaining the age old terrazzo flooring and refurbishing of the old furniture by just modifying the upholstery.
    Addition of plants to bring in the freshness and warm vibe to the entire living room

    To lessen the impact on the environment, architecture and interior designs are increasingly moving towards sustainable models. No-VOC paints, Bamboo furniture, linen textiles and refurbished elements are the trends in these types of designs.

    Eco-friendly designs naturally come at greater cost, but considering the durability and ecological advantage, sustainable designs have a high-demand in 2021. Interestingly, even pure sunlight is considered in such concepts, thereby getting rid of the traditional curtains.

    Moreover, cork – which is extracted from the bark of a cork oak tree is considered as one of the best materials to use in architecture and interior design. The removal of the bark doesn’t do any bad to the tree itself, but in fact does a world of good to your sustainable design.

    • Close to nature vibes

    Close to Nature Vibes design by Walnut Studio
    Bold furniture upholstery and plain white walls drawn from the nature, bringing the OUTSIDE IN

     In a space with articulate and beautifully-crafted wooden furniture, the natural green hue of plants can be very calm and welcoming. Add some natural colours and a mixture of fabrics and you wouldn’t want to leave the space for days.

    Interior designs that create a natural vibe are one of the realistic options considered in 2021. Typically made for the ideal living room, wall gardens and wooden furnishing are a magical experience in itself and go well with any season. By incorporating natural elements in minimalist spaces, the idea is to establish a soothing aura supported by the oxygenating qualities of plants.

    Climate change has been recognized as one of the major problems in the recent years and through interior design, one could realize the importance of sustainable materials.