Top furniture trends in 2021 by The Walnut Studio

In 2021, most of us have thought about remodeling our home décor. Since the pandemic, the average time a person spends at home has increased considerably. Thus, it becomes essential to revamp the existing interior design to bring about a positive change in the surroundings we constantly come across at home. The Walnut Studio is here to support you in this remodeling.

That said, several new concepts about furniture designs have surfaced recently. Some of these designs have gained a lot of popularity and have rather turned into the newest trends in the market. At The Walnut Studio, we are constantly on the lookout for the best elements to suit customers’ needs and demands. So today, we take a look at the top furniture trends in 2021 that you should know about.

1. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns image by The Walnut Studio - the best luxury furniture store in DelhiFigure 1 The Cadbury Console made of finely crafted pure teak wood

When opting for geometric patterns in furniture, it is important to stick to a category of shapes. Too many geometric shapes and designs do not blend in well and it looks more abstract than a combination. However, to showcase variety, you can opt for dual geometric patterns.


For instance, square floorboards, rectangular windows and teapots blend in perfectly. In addition, you can add geometric lines in the form of wall arts. The Walnut Studio also possesses a collection of hexagonal furnishing elements such as coffee tables and stools for seating.

2. Vintage:

Vintage furniture piece by The Walnut Studio - The best Furniture Store in India

Figure 2 The Fire console made out of natural wood retaining their actual scraps and cracks.

2021 has seen more people opting for vintage furniture to adorn their interiors. These designs have a touch of history to it and establish a sense of belonging in the respective spaces. Typical vintage style interiors include the use of refurbished teak wood, floral upholstery, brass fittings etc.


Furniture in such interiors seems very natural with their scrapes and cracks to give it an organic look. Other elements such as antique wall-clocks, large-sized wooden dining tables, old-fashioned chandeliers and flower pots blend in very well in vintage interiors. These materials give a finishing touch to add that bit of elegance and style to the spaces.


3. Round Furniture:

Round Furniture Table by The Walnut Studio - the best furniture store in DelhiFigure 3 The Bean Table set of two curvy pieces


While geometric furniture is in demand this year, round furniture – an off-shoot style, has also seen a surge in customers’ preference ranks. Since most of us have been restricted to our homes due to the pandemic, we commute indoors very often. Here, one of the biggest advantages of round furniture is that there are no sharp edges that could possibly hurt someone.


Moreover, the circular shape is believed to make a good impression on people’s minds. Round center tables, coffee tables, seating arrangements, flower vases harmonize well in any interior decors. Bidding farewell to the traditional rectangular furniture, this style comes with its own advantages and no wonder why it has been one of the most trending styles in the industry.


4. Sustainable Furniture (Earthy Material):

A sustainable Furniture piece by The Walnut Studio - The best Furniture store in DelhiFigure 4  The Cane Credenza made out of natural cane.


There is a high demand for natural materials as designers can achieve interesting and sophisticated combinations from different textures. Our perceptions also have been influenced after the pandemic like one about nature and how we must start preserving it before it's too late.


Sustainable and eco-friendly designs are in trend and biodegradable materials like wood, hemp, cane and natural fibers help in reducing the carbon footprint. Cultural art that can be locally sourced like tribal art is affordable and passes on a totally enticing vibe.


5. Work From Home Stations

Work From Home table piece by The Walnut Studio - the best Furniture store in Delhi
Figure 5 A sleek shaped study table

Consumers have been focusing on a work-life balance amid COVID-19 and have been reorienting the way of living at home. Another factor that motivates us is physical discomfort and related health issues to find suitable home-office furniture. Study tables and ergonomic office chairs are popular in the working class.


Moreover, people are focusing on the functionality of a furniture than its form. Multipurpose and lightweight items which are easily movable like kitchen breakfast counters which can be used as a work desk are in demand.


6. Color Therapy:

Color Therapy by The Walnut Studio - the best furniture store in DelhiFigure 6 Colorful pouffes and ottoman adding the vibrance to entire space.


People have turned to home décor as a medium to boost their mental health. Various trends like adding a little pop of color in an otherwise dull lockdown routine has been of significant help. It helps in adding a playful element and gives the interior an artistic touch. A burnt orange lamp against a muted palette gives a vibrant aura and brightens the ambience.


7. Modern Minimalist Pattern:

The minimalist home décor piece by The Walnut Studio - the best furniture brand in Delhi

Figure 7 The Sparkle planter a minimal piece to accentuate any corner of your home.

The pandemic has helped people find a new attachment with the plants and helped in reconnecting with gardening. This has led to plant lovers looking for innovative ways to add more members to their plant family.


Planters help in the very cause of accommodating many plants and can be placed outdoors. Sleek and modern planters are being preferred due to ease of movement to change as per décor requirement. Whereas, some opt for a more rustic and antique look. It gives a pleasing aesthetic and adds an element of ethnicity in the plant corner.


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